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Tree San Diego April 2017 Newsletter


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… there’s a new field of tree science dedicated to tree care for encouraging birds and other wildlife?  We’re all aware of the Endangered Species Act and other laws protecting wildlife, but it takes more than laws to make sure our region provides suitable and safe habitat for our native and migratory fauna. It takes knowledge of the needs and habits of our wildlife.For example, what an arborist about to trim a tree sees as the tree’s flaws is quite different from what a bird or a squirrel sees.  Where the arborist might see the need to thin out over-branching at the end of a truncated limb, the bird might see a well-hidden location perfect for a nest.

Hawks nest, courtesy of West Coast Arborists

When we plant new trees, there are questions we should be asking: What species of tree is conducive to our native birds nesting and hiding from threats?  Is our choice of plants contributing to species diversity?  And when there is work to be done on existing trees, there is the all-important question: When is breeding season for the birds who nest there?The Tree Care for Birds and Wildlife Project, formed of arborists and wildlife biologists, is setting about to educate professionals whose work affects natural habitats, especially trees, as well as politicians and the general public about how we all can make our urban forests more wildlife friendly. To learn more about the work of this newly formed project, visit their

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