The mission of  Tree Fresno is to transform the San Joaquin Valley with trees, greenways and beautiful landscapes.

We have been around since 1985, and have planted over 42,000 trees!

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“Whenever we try to pick out anything in nature, we find it is hitched to everything else in the universe.” 

-John Muir

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Vision for Tree Fresno

Click here to download our Vision Statement

Mission Statement: The Mission of Tree Fresno is to transform the San Joaquin Valley with trees, greenways and beautiful landscapes.

What We Do: We plant, care, inspire. We are a voice, a teacher, a steward. We create special places.

Value Proposition: Trees and green spaces help us connect with nature and restore our health, ability to learn, happiness and spirit. Trees shelter, shade, filter, produce oxygen and food and support wildlife. More than ever, Tree Fresno is essential for the well-being of the San Joaquin Valley.

Strategic Theme: San Joaquin Green, with the following Values, Goals, Events, Programs:

Education: We believe environmental stewardship saves lives and is a responsibility of every citizen.

Big Goals:

• Teach the art of living green to every citizen.
• Help make the landscapes at Fresno State an inspiration for the region.

Event: Homecoming at the Hort.
Programs: Living Laboratories and Water-Wise Tree Planting at Schools, Community Engagement and Demonstration Garden

Parks & Greenways: We believe common green spaces are essential for our health and economic well-being.

Big Goals:

• Raise the Fresno ParkScore from last to the top 10 percent.
• Develop the Valley Arboretum, a system of greenways, as a signature amenity for the region.

Event: Arbor Day Tree Planting
Programs: Parks Master Plan, Water-wise tree planting, Valley Arboretum Plan, Tree Care, Ballot measures to fund parks and greenways

Vibrant Communities: We believe beautiful landscapes change lives and build a sense of community.

Big Goal: Transform rural cities and urban districts with Community Landscapes Plans.
Events: Christmas Tree Lane Walk Nights
Programs: Community Landscapes Plans, Tree Planting projects and Model Landscape Policies and Ordinances

Tribute Trees: We believe planting a Tribute Tree is a meaningful way to honor veterans, friends and family and community leaders.

Big Goals:

• Establish a Veterans’ Grove and Tribute Grove in every city in our region.

Events: Veterans Day Tree Planting
Programs: Tribute Groves; Veterans Groves.

Resource Conservation: We believe the air quality, water and energy conservation benefits of trees merit substantial investment.

Big Goal: Demonstrate how trees and greenways reduce air pollution, energy use, storm water run-off and groundwater contamination.
Event: Energy Tree Giveaway
Programs: Near Road Air Pollution Mitigation Research; Legacy Trees.

Marketing & Events:

Big Goal: Be an effective resource for environmental stewardship.
Programs: Environmental Stewardship Network
Events: Arbor Day Awards

Finance & Facilities:

Big Goal: Develop a strong financial foundation with mission-ready staff, facilities and equipment to achieve our mission and earn the support of donors and grant makers.
Programs: Financial Administration, Resource Development, Facilities and Equipment

Governance & HR:

Big Goal: Build an innovative organization where people love to serve.
Programs: Value-Creating Plan, Board Development, Advisory Committees, Human Resources, Leverage Technology

Core messages:

• “Trees are the answer”
• “Right tree, right place”
• People thrive in landscaped homes, workplaces, schools, medical facilities, and neighborhoods.

Mantra: We add value to everything we do.

Thanks for being part of Tree Fresno.

Lee Ayres
Chief Executive Officer
July 12, 2017