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My Garden

My Garden

Shelley Ayres

I stumble sleepy eyed, through the door to greet the glorious gift of morning.

 I meander through my garden, hugging each blossom with my awakening eyes.

I breathe in the sighs of each leaf as they shake off the dew of evening slumber.

 I smile as their upward lifted faces stretch like a cat to give thanks to the sun as it softly caresses them with the hope of a new day.

 I listen with delight as hummingbirds gracefully dance from blossom to blossom, kissing each cheek ever so gently with a promise of return.

 I am comforted yet energized as if feeling the pulse of ocean waves thundering to shore.

I feel alive and grateful for the blessing of today.

I bid my garden adieu with the same adoring promise of the hummingbird.

November 2, 2008

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