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Carol Insalaco Winter


On June 17th 2017, a Tribute Tree was planted in memory of Carol Insalaco Winter at Dry Creek Park in Clovis, California. Carol was the 6th of 7 children, growing up in a very sports oriented family. After high school, Carol, tired of the cold winters and snow of MA, moved to California. Carol had a great life, a loving family, a beautiful home and lots of great friends. In 2010 Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over a seven year period she fought with courage, dignity, poise and class.

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Sanjeev Joshi Tribute Tree

On Saturday June 3rd at 9:00 am friends and family came from all over the state to honor Sanjeev Joshi with the planting of an October Glory Maple Tribute Tree.

Sanjeev was an incredibly caring and compassionate friend, brother and son.  He graduated from Edison High in 2008 and was very active during his time at Edison.  He served as president of the student body and a member of the varsity soccer team, all while juggling Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. After graduating from Edison, he attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He passed away in 2013. His Tribute Tree is located in the main courtyard at Edison High School, as part of the Tribute Tree ceremony, two more October Glory Maples were planted on either side of Sanjeev’s Tribute Tree to create a grove.


John DeGoede paying tribute to his dear friend.





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Mia Amendolagine Tribute Tree

On April 6, 2017 at 1pm a Tribute Tree was planted in memory of Mia Amendolagine at Malloch Elementary School in Fresno. It was also planted in memory of ‘All Children Who Battle Cancer’. Mia’s classmates, friends, teachers and administrators were all there. Mia’s Grandmother, Mother and Sister all spoke with great passion and strength. It was a wonderful tribute to a beautiful young lady who was taken from us too soon. Many of us were moved to tears.  The Tree Fresno staff spoke about the tree, a Camphor. The Tree was prepared and planted. Mia’s sister and friends all help plant the tree. The exact location was noted as N36*49.287 Latitude and W119*49.878 Longitude.



By Becky Chambers

Today a tree is planted in memory of Mia Chambers Amendolagine and in honor of her many friends, neighbors, faculty, students and family.  We take a moment to acknowledge that there are illnesses and hardships that students may suffer in their lives and it is the friendship, camaraderie and compassion of our community that helps them during the tough times.  Here at Malloch we have a beautiful example of such help.  This similar experience is reflected in nature so let us now consider and honor it with the planting of this tree.

An important forest and tree scientist named Suzanne Simard discovered a network of communication and cooperation in the forests about 25 years ago.  At that time she conducted a study in the Canadian forests.  She found that trees talk to each other by means of a “symbiotic or mutually beneficial” association with the mushrooms that have roots that grow underground and around them in a thick mat of threadlike connections interweaving within the ground of the forest.  A Hub tree or mother tree is able to shuttle carbon, phosphorus, water and resistance to harmful pests to other trees as she benefits from sunshine, water, and nutrients.  At other times she may receive water and similar boost to immunity from her kin as they give back when they are able.  This relationship allows for interdependence, cooperation and nurturing that increases survival and defense.  This is why forests have enormous capacity to self-heal, according to Ms. Simard.

It is comparable to what happens in the human community.  When we lose a loved one, we are fortunate when we retain the threads of our relationships with family and friends, to shuttle the milk of human kindness, mercy and love between one another and to talk to each other, to reach out with a loving touch in mutual support and simply communicate that we are here for each other.

Thank you all for being a part of an extraordinary network that sustains Mia’s family and friends as well as all who have met or will meet these challenges in the future.

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Haig and Virginia Chooljian Tribute Tree

On March 18th, 2017 at 10am, a Deodor Cedar Tree was planted at the Riverview Tribute Grove at Woodward Park to honor Haig and Virginia Chooljian. The tree was planted in a beautiful location near a bend in the road on Yosemite Rd, south of the playground. Dr. Steven Chooljian, MD gave a heartfelt dedication to his father who had passed some time ago and to his mother, Virginia who was in attendance. Steven told everyone that his parents influence made him the person that he is today. The family all helped plant the tree and put on the “Tree Tag”.  Also present were Karen Chooljian and Suzann Yengoyan as well as other family members. Lee Ayres performed the dedication and explained how this tree will continue to work for the valley by cleaning the air. The exact coordinated were noted as N36* 52.173Latitude and W119* 46.953 Longitude

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Debbie Horner Tribute Tree

On February 18, 2017 at 10am, a Tribute Tree was planted in Memory of Debbie Horner on the Eaton Trail North of Woodward Park. It had been raining on the days preceding the planting, but on that Saturday the weather cleared to a beautiful sun shining day! We planted an Oklahoma Redbud in an area where Debbie had walked many times. Many family and friends were there including her husband Bruce and their children and grandchildren. Tammy and Todd Spino were there and were instrumental in arranging the dedication. Karen Hughes told all assembled about Debbie and what a wonderful person she was and the impact she had on others. Lee Ayres of Tree Fresno gave a dedication and then everyone helped plant the tree which will be a living memorial to Debbie.