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We found this great story written by Vanessa Vasconcelos on the ABC 30 Website! You can read the story the ABC 30 website by clicking the link or by scrolling down below.


A 1.3 mile stretch of Fancher Creek is getting a spring spruce up, but it is benefiting more than just those who frequent the trail.

Fifteen members of a Multi-Craft Construction and Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program are gearing up for graduation with a final project.

“What they’re getting is that there are not just jobs out there, there are careers that help them support their family in a manner in which they want to,” said Pat Barr, Work Development Board.

The job training is sponsored by the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board. The program connects unemployed or dislocated workers with resources to help them rejoin the workforce.

“Most of our men have only done seasonal jobs or have been laid off,” said Barr.

The six week program has a 96-percent graduation rate in a region where skilled workers are in high demand thanks to waves of development projects.

“They’re just trying to get you to be the best you can be to get that job you’re looking for,” said Zachariah Ream, pre-apprentice.

Ream got involved with the pre-apprenticeship program because of unemployment. He moved his family from Florida to the Central Valley to look for work.

Ream said the hands on experience have made it so he is prepared to take on any job.

“We’ve been able to go with sheet metal iron workers, with cement masons, and a couple other disciplines as well, but we’ve been able to see what they have to offer what their benefits are like and what works like.”

The Fancher Creek Parkway project is their final job before graduation. They are helping clear the parkway for future planting with the guidance of Tree Fresno.

There may not be a timeline of when the project will be complete but were already seeing progress along the pathway.

“Hopefully you will see some clearing and the construction of a new trail along the edge of the service road, along with trees that were selected appropriately to this region,” said Lee Ayres, Tree Fresno CEO.

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